Commuting to Laguna Technopark

Located in Biñan, Laguna, Laguna Technopark was established with a joint venture of Ayala Land, Inc., Mitsubishi Corporation, and Kawasaki Steel Corporation. It is home to numerous companies and provides jobs for the Filipino workforce.

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Fast Facts:

Bus Routes: Alabang-Sta. Rosa/Balibago; Cubao-Sta. Rosa/Balibago; Makati-Balibago/Laguna BelAir; Lawton-Balibago/Sta. Rosa
Jeepney Routes: Alabang-Sta. Rosa/Balibago; Tagaytay-Balibago; Technopark Panasonic-Balibago; Tanauan-Balibago; Pacita Complex-Calamba

**Balibago is a terminal inside Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Commuting Routes:

From Balibago, Sta. Rosa:

  1. From Balibago, Sta. Rosa, ride a jeep or tricycle to Laguna Technopark.

List of Companies:

(Taken from: Laguna Technopark Website at September 20, 2008)
  1. A.R.T. Druck, Inc.
  2. ALCOS Global Corporation
  3. Amkor/Anam Advance Packaging Company
  4. Anaconda Metal Fastener, Inc.
  5. Anam/Amkor Precision Machine Company
  6. Cirtek Electronics Corporation
  7. Consolidated Industrial Gases, Inc.
  8. Corinthian Industrial Property, Inc.
  9. Daiho Philippines, Inc.
  10. Electronic Assemblies, Inc.
  11. Elin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  12. Englewood Development Corporation
  13. F.R.P. Philippines Corporation
  14. F.Tech Philippines Manufacturing, Inc.
  15. FCC (Philippines) Corporation
  16. Fujitsu Die-Tech Corporation of the Philippines
  17. Fujitsu Ten Corp. of the Philippines
  18. Furukawa Electric Autoparts Philippines, Inc.
  19. Futaba Corp. of the Philippines Home appliances - parts
  20. General Diesel Power Corporation
  21. Glassworks Industries, Inc.
  22. GNF (Philippines), Inc.
  23. Golay Buchel Philippines, Inc.
  24. GRM Ecozones Storage, Inc.
  25. Henkel Philippines, Inc.
  26. Hitachi Computer Products (Asia) Corporation
  27. Honda Air Device System Philippines, Inc.
  28. Honda Cars Philippines, Inc.
  29. Honda Engine Manufacturing Philippines, Inc.
  30. Honda Parts Manufacturing Corporation
  31. Ichinomiya Electronics Philippines Corporation
  32. ILO Land, Inc.
  33. Imasen Philippines
  34. Manufacturing Corporation
  35. INA Research Philippines
  36. Integrated Microelectronics, Inc.
  37. International Distillers Philippines, Inc.
  38. Isuzu Autoparts Manufacturing Corporation
  39. Isuzu Philippines Corporation
  40. Katolec Philippines Corporation
  41. Kawashima Textile Manufacturing Corporation
  42. Kawasho Steel Philippines, Inc.
  43. Kisho Sakata Electronics Philippines, Inc.
  44. Kito Philippines, Inc.
  45. Kosei (Asia) Pacific, Inc.
  46. Laguna Autoparts Manufacturing Corporation
  47. Laguna Dai-ichi, Inc.
  48. Laguna Electronics, Inc.(Plant 1)
  49. Electronics - telecom components
  50. Laguna Electronics, Inc.(Plant 2)
  51. Laguna Metts Corporation
  52. Laguna Saikai Corporation
  53. Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation
  54. Marina Sales Corporation
  55. Masuda Philippines, Inc.
  56. MAT Electronics, Inc.
  57. Matsushita Communication Industrial Corp. (National Panasonic)
  58. Electronics - telecom components
  59. Matsushita Electric Philippines Corporation (National Panasonic)
  60. MD Distripark Manila, Inc.
  61. Meinan Philippines, Inc.
  62. Middleby Philippines Corporation
  63. Moriroku Philippines, Inc.
  64. MPM Noodles Corporation
  65. NEC Computer Storage Philippines, Inc.
  66. Nidec Philippines Corporation
  67. Nidec-Shimpo Philippines Corporation
  68. Nissin Brake Philippines, Inc.
  69. NQHI Manufacturing, Inc.
  70. NSG Philippines, Inc.
  71. Ogino Philippines Corporation
  72. Osato Bio-Industry, Inc.
  73. Pure Foods Corporation
  74. Red Ribbon, Inc.
  75. Rhea Pharmaceutical Corporation (Mercury Group of Companies)
  76. Ryonan Electric
  77. Philippines Corporation
  78. Sanyo Plastics Philippines, Inc.
  79. Shin-Etsu Magnetics Philippines, Inc.
  80. St. Gallen Corporation
  81. Star Motor Manufacturing
  82. Industries, Inc.
  83. Sun Ever Light Philippines, Inc.
  84. Surtec Philippines Corporation
  85. Sycwin Coating & Wires, Inc.
  86. Takanichi Philippines Corporation
  87. Takata Philippines Corporation
  88. TDK Philippines Corporation
  89. Technofreeze, Inc.
  90. Technol Eight Philippines Corporation
  91. Terumo (Phils), Inc.
  92. Tiongson Industries, Inc.
  93. Toshiba Information Equipment (Philippines), Inc.
  94. Trilux Luminaires & Electronics, Inc.
  95. TS Tech Philippines, Inc.
  96. TS Tech Trim Philippines, Inc.
  97. Universal Motors Corporation
  98. WB Manufacturing, Inc.
  99. Yutaka Manufacturing (Philippines), Inc.