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how do i get to splash island resort in laguna if i'm from pasy. tnx
Posted by ody on 3/23/2008
hi ody, you can ride a bus to sta. rosa from gil puyat avenue (buendia) corner taft avenue, and ask the driver to drop you off at splash island.for more info on going to sta. rosa, pls go to link. hope this helps!

Hi! this site really helps... but are there any buses at around 5 AM? in metropolis..
Posted by JM on 3/26/2008
Hi, JM! yep, there's supposed to be a 24-hour bus terminal at the metropolis mall in alabang. hope this helps!

Pls giv me Banaue
Posted by tgb on 3/26/2008
Hi tgb, if you're going to Banaue in Ifugao, you can take an Autobus, Dangwa Tranco, Florida, or Victory Liner bus straight to Banaue. If you're going to Banawe in QC, you can take a jeep to Quiapo or Recto from MRT-Quezon Ave, or an FX to SM Fairview from Taft. hope this helps!

question, is the jeepney terminal near jolibee (to Fort) far from the Guadalupe MRT Station?
Posted by guest on 3/30/2008
answer, nope, jolibee is not far from Guadalupe MRT Station. it's about 0.2 km - less than 1 block - away from the station. hope this helps! :)

hi! good job on this blog. thanks for this! it's really, really useful :) oh yeah...been meaning to ask one thing! how can you commute to UP-Manila or Philippine General Hospital? Please and thank you! :D
Posted by MM on 3/31/2008
hi, MM! thanks for the kind words! if you're coming from the south, you can ride a bus from Manuela Metropolis Alabang to Lawton via Taft Ave.if you're coming from the north, you can ride a jeep/FX to Herran/Vito Cruz/Buendia/Baclaran via Taft Avenue.both will pass by PGH and UP-Manila along Taft, between Padre Faura and Pedro Gil. you can also take the LRT1 to Pedro Gil. hope this helps! :)

jeepney route from BamBang to UST
Posted by guest on 4/3/2008
hi, there are supposed to be jeepneys from Bambang station to Libertad passing through UST, but we haven't tried it personally.UST is actually within walking distance from Bambang station (about 3 blocks). let us know if you need walking instructions. hope this helps!

hello. :) do you have directions going to national shrine of the divine mercy? i'll be coming from the boni avenue mrt station.
Posted by adette on 4/4/2008
hi, adette. :) if you're going to the archdiocesan shrine of the divine mercy in mandaluyong, you can take a jeep to gabby's or stop n' shop.the national shrine of the divine mercy is actually in marilao, bulacan. let us know if you need instructions to marilao. hope this helps!

how to get to el nido by ferry?
Posted by anne on 4/8/2008
hi anne, please follow the instructions contained here: link.coming from ncr, you can take route 1, 6, or 7. route 6 stops by puerto princesa and route 7 stops by coron before el nido. hope this helps!

hi! how do I get to BPI Intramuros from LRT central station?
Posted by ody on 4/10/2008
hi, ody! BPI Intramuros is within walking distance from LRT-central. from LRT-central, you can walk towards SM, until you get to Hospital St.turn right at Hospital St and walk 1 block until you reach Padre Burgos. cross Padre Burgos, turn right, and walk 1 block until you get to Anda.Turn left into Anda and walk about 1 short block until you get to Muralla. Turn right at Muralla and walk about 2 short blocks,past Colegio de San Juan de Letran and Beaterio, until you get to Solana. BPI Compound is located at Muralla corner Solana. Hope this helps!

hi, may i know how to get to pbcom tower makati?
Posted by guest on 4/14/2008
hi! pbcom tower is along ayala avenue corner v.a. rufino (herrera). you can ride a bus to ayala from lrt1-gil puyat can also ride a jeep to washington from landmark. if walking, pbcom tower is just 2 blocks away from both buendia and makati ave cor. ayala. let us know if you need more detailed instructions from a specific place. hope this helps! :)

im from caloocan, so i just ride the lrt then which side do i get off to ride the ayala bus? will the bus take me to pbcom tower mismo?or do i have to walk across the street?
Posted by guest on 4/15/2008
hi! we think these are your 3 best options: 1) get off at lrt1-gil puyat (south exit), near atrium suites. ride an ayala bus, get off at rufino. you will have to cross the overpass to get to pbcom tower. 2) get off at mrt-ayala, turn right, and walk 1 block until you get to ayala avenue. cross ayala avenue, and ride a jeep to washington. the jeep will pass in front of pbcom tower, so you won't need to cross ayala avenue. 3) get off at mrt-guadalupe, cross edsa, turn left, and walk about 1 block until you get to the small side street near loyola memorial chapel. ride a jeep to ayala. It will pass by pbcom tower, so you won't need to cross ayala. let us know if you need more info. hope this helps! :)

hi.can anyone tell me how to commute to jolibee center in san miguel avenue from MRT Ortigas station?
Posted by guest on 4/16/2008
hi, to get to jollibee centre from MRT-Ortigas, you can walk towards SM Megamall, between Bldg. A and Bldg. B. go to the side of Bldg B. ride an fx to tektite, and get off at lourdes corner san miguel ave. jollibee centre is about three buildings from there, to your right. you may also want to get off at MRT-Shaw. jollibee centre is about 3 blocks from there. let us know if you need more info. hope this helps!

does anybody know the schedule of the earliest bus going to batangas? we plan to leave this saturday 4am, thanks!
Posted by chamster on 4/17/2008
hi chamster, the earliest JAM/Tritran bus leaves at 1230 mn, and the last one leaves at 10 pm. Hope this helps!

how can i inquire for the seaplane?
Posted by adz on 4/18/2008
hi adz, you can find information about the subic seaplane at: link. Hope this helps!

Hi. How to go to Enchanted Kingdom from Pasay? Thanks.How about from Enchanted Kingdom back to Manila? Thanks.
Posted by guest on 4/26/2008
Hi. To go to Enchanted Kingdom (EK), you can ride a bus to Balibago from Gil Puyat (Buendia) cor. Taft, and get off at Walter Mart at Balibago.There are trikes there going to EK. You can follow the same route going back. There are also buses to Lawton from Balibago. Hope this helps!

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